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Company Conditions


Naviera Armas


1. This ticket is personal and non transferable. The number plate on the ticket is the same as the vehicle which is going to travel.

2. The holder of this ticket has a right to be transferred by the shipping company on the route stated on the ticket, as well as the holder’s luggage up to 60 kg or 4 items. The company is not responsible for any valuables that are transported and are not entrusted to the captain or a member of crew appointed by the captain. Correspondence (unless authorised by the Spanish Post Office), dangerous goods or illegal trade cannot be transported.

3. The holder of this ticket is covered by the Compulsory Travel Insurance.

4. Passengers must behave according to safety and police regulations, both general and the ship’s, and must carry the documentation required by law. The shipping company will not be responsible for the results caused by passengers’ imprudence or by passengers not complying with the stated regulations.

5. Regarding damages suffered by luggage, the company will only pay up to a maximum amount of 30 euros per checked?in item. If the luggage is transported inside the vehicle, it will be considered one single item. Passengers’ personal luggage is under their custody and the shipping company shall not be liable for damage or theft. The luggage and vehicles included in this ticket are handled by the owners or representatives. The shipping company shall only be liable for damages caused directly by the company staff, within the limits of the law.

6. The price of the ticket does not include maintenance or drinks on board.

7. If this ticket is used exclusively for transport on ships belonging to other shipping companies, the shipping company will act exclusively as an authorised agent of this other company to issue tickets.

8. The shipping company will be able to change the time and date of the route, in which case passengers will only have a right to a refund of the ticket price or to transfer the trip to another route on the first date available or future dates. In case of force majeure or causes beyond the control of the shipping company, it shall not be liable for any delays or cancellations. The shipping company will not be responsible for guaranteeing any type of travel connection.

9. This ticket is valid for a year from the date of issue, unless otherwise stated on the ticket. If the ticket is not used on the date for which it was booked, and on the specific trip for which it was issued, the holder will be able to use it within the validity period, upon request and payment of the possible difference in applicable fares and charges. The charges for changing a booking will be a maximum of 25% of the ticket price, unless otherwise stated on the ticket. If an Open ticket for a defined trip is changed, the price will not be refunded. Before the validity period has ended, after cancelling the booking, and unless otherwise stated on the ticket, the holder will be able to request a refund of 75% of the ticket price. If the ticket is issued by a travel agency, the refund will have to be requested from the agency. Refunds will always be made the same way as the payment.

10. Tickets issued with special RATES, such as savings packages, have restrictions for refunds and changes, and in no case there will be a partial refund of the same.

11. No claims will be accepted if they are not provided with the receipt for the ticket. Any claim will be made in writing and presented at the ship or the shipping company's offices during the trip or on the day it ends.

12. Boarding closes 60 minutes prior to departure for passengers with vehicles and 30 prior to departure for passengers without vehicles (always according to the scheduled time of departure). After this deadline the shipping company shall not be liable for loss of booked accommodation, or for not accepting the passenger and/or vehicle on board.

13. No agents, employees or representatives of the shipping company will have authority to alter, modify or deny any of the provisions in this contract.

14. The transport of vehicles as freight is subject to the regulations established by the shipping company, which will be available for passengers or people boarding the ship at the ports.

15. Special conditions apply for children travelling alone or for children travelling with an adult who is not their father, mother or legal guardian. Please consult our website (FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS section) or Call Centre.

16. In the event of international maritime transport, the provisions set out in the Athens Convention relating to the carriage of passengers and their luggage by sea, of 13 December 1974, apply, as well as changes made to the same by the protocol of 19 November 1976. Likewise, during international transport the passenger accepts that the responsibility of the haulier is subject to a deduction or duty?free allowance of 117 DEG in case of vehicle damage and 13 DEG per passenger in case of loss or damage of other luggage items. Tickets in transit or conjunction tickets cannot be refunded.

17. I give my consent for DGMM to consult the data relating to my identity and residence to be found on the Public Administration Verification Systems and I assume the responsibilities for non?compliance with the requirements to obtain residence benefits in accordance with Law 38/2003, the General Law on Subsidies.

18. Pursuant to Law 15/1999 on Personal Data Protection, you are duly informed, accept and authorise “the registration and processing of your personal data” which can be used for any activity related with the service or granted to a third party rendering data processing services, to any legal entity which is a branch or affiliate of Naviera so that they may use said data for the purposes described.

19. I am duly informed of my access, rectification, cancellation and objection rights with regard to the processing of my automated data and to exercise them I must provide notification to the company’s postal address.


1. The sea waybill includes transport in containers and the transport with wheeled vehicles, including also port?to?port, port?to?door, door?to?port, and door?to?door deliveries, depending on the express agreement between the client and the shipping company.

2. The transport of goods is subject to the general conditions for transport of goods that are available for dockers at the shipping company's offices, as well as on the web site: www.navieraarmas.com, and the dockers declare they know and accept these general conditions that are part of the transport contract.

3. The parties submit to the courts of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria for any disagreements that may arise from the interpretation and application of this contract.


On inter-island routes, children under the age of 4 travel as a baby, free of charge. This must be indicated when purchasing a ticket. Passengers aged between 4 and 11 years travel with a child fare. On the rest of routes, babies are defined as minors under the age of 1 year and those between 1 and 11 years travel with a child fare.


Minors are defined as anyone under the age of 18.


- Minors aged between 14 and 17 years inclusive may travel alone if they present their documentation.

- All children under the age of 14 must travel accompanied, and under no circumstances are they to travel alone, taking into account that:

* If they travel with their father, mother or legal guardian, they will need a National ID card or Family Book (those under the age of 14 years of Spanish nationality are not required to have their ID card).

* If they are travelling with anyone other than the above, they will need:

  • Authorization signed by one of the parents or by the legal guardian using the form issued by Naviera or the police form.

  • Photocopy of the ID card of the person authorizing the trip.

  • Photocopy of the Family Book in which the minor and the parent or legal guardian appear.

  • The original copy of the minor's national ID card or Family Book is to be presented for embarking. It must not have expired. 


On these lines, where the police check boarding, the National Police and Security Forces will inspect the boarding of minors.



Expectant mothers can travel on all our ships provided they are not over 36 weeks of pregnancy. In addition, they must always be in possession of a medical certificate authorising them to travel.


It is recommended that people with reduced mobility, when purchasing their ticket at the ticket window, through a travel agency or the Internet, let the shipping company personnel know at least 24 hours in advance of any circumstances, so that both ground staff and the crew on board the ship, can make their access to the vessel, their stay on board, and disembarkation as comfortable as possible, and so they can enjoy the same conditions as other passengers of the trip. They are also requested to sign the special assistance request form when purchasing the ticket.

In this way, both the people trained to accompany such passengers to the ship at the land terminal, and the crew assigned to accompany you during the trip, will have at their disposal a list of all the people who will require their services in order to be able to organise the best possible assistance to them.

As a general rule and for operational security reasons, people with reduced mobility shall be the first to board and the last to disembark. In addition, NAVIERA ARMAS, S.A. Cannot guarantee that there are places available for disabled people if notice is not given at least 24 hrs in advance.

Naviera Armas has wheelchairs available on each ship, although for reasons of convenience, we recommend that you bring your own with you, as well as any other item that is necessary for your well-being.

During the purchase process on www.navieraarmas.com you can select "I'm a PMR user" and in the last step, when you select your data, you can tell us which special needs you have.


You can travel with your pet on Naviera Armas * ships, taking into account the following requirements:

  • You can travel inside the ship with your pet, if its size and weight permits, (it must not weigh more than 10 kg) provided the animal is carried within a suitable carrier for small animals (which must not exceed the following dimensions: 50x40x25 cm). 

  • Access is permitted to the seating lounges, but not to the dining areas or berths. You can travel with your pet on the ship's outer decks, and in the areas where this is permitted; you must follow the following rules.
    Respect the other passengers and animals passing through the area.

  • Animals must be kept on a lead when they are outside the cage/crate. Animals classified as dangerous breeds must comply with the following specific rules (lead and muzzle). 

  • The owner is responsible for the animal and picking up droppings. If the animal is travelling inside the vehicle, the owner must sign the document disclaiming responsibility on board and give it to the crew.


Visually-impaired passengers or those with special needs may be accompanied by guide dogs, in accordance with the specific regulations that apply to them, and free of charge. 

Passengers travelling with pets must purchase the appropriate ticket to be allowed to enter the ship, and must present the relevant health documentation, if called upon to do so. You can obtain the ticket for your pet at any of our offices, on this website by initiating a purchase process, from our call centre: 902 45 65 00 or via the Naviera Armas app.


Now you can board directly with only your identity card and without stopping at the ticket window, whether boarding directly on foot or in your vehicle.

With this change it is no longer necessary to obtain your boarding pass at the ticket window or perform self-check-in (as long as the system has indicated so. In some cases it will still be necessary to present yourself at the ticket window, in which case we will notify you of this requirement).

Avoid waiting and save time by simply presenting at the time of boarding your valid identity card used to purchase your ticket. Our staff will take care of checking you in directly from embarking the ship, whether you are travelling on foot or in a vehicle.

Similarly, to ensure proper inspection of your identity card (national identity card (DNI), foreign identity card (NIE) or passport), please make sure it is in good condition.

If travelling with a passport, please ensure that your passport is compatible with ICAO Standard 9303 specifications regarding machine-readable passports.

Boarding with identity cards has already been implemented and is currently in use on all our Canary Islands lines, for both general and resident passengers.


According to the Official State Gazette, dated 28 June 2017, measures were established for the Subsidising of sea and air transport for residents in the Canary Islands, the Balearic Islands, Ceuta and Melilla. For more information, click here. (Section 1, page 53990).

The most important aspects are:

  • The resident's reduction increases from 50% to 75% of the passenger fare

  • The reduction will apply to tickets issued from midnight on Thursday 29 JUNE 2017.

  • It applies solely to inter-island trips.

  • Tickets issued (purchased) before this date will retain the reduction percentages that appear on them and that have been applied until now.

  • If you wish to avail of the new reduction of 75%, a new ticket must be issued and the old one must be returned. The terms and conditions and return policies will remain effective (with their relevant expenses if any), in compliance with the terms set out in the new law.
    In the case of the line Cristianos-Valverde, the reduction increases to 75% both for residents in the Canaries and for residents of El Hierro.


The company's returns policy is as follows:

  • Three days before the date the ship departs: 15% of the total ticket price

  • After the date the ship departs: 25% of the fare price

  • More than three days before the departure date: 0% expenses

  • If it is cancelled on the same day as the one the ticket was issued, the only EXPENSES are the SERVIFEE

  • In the event that the trip has been CANCELLED for CAUSES ATTRIBUTABLE to the ferry operator: 0% expenses

  • In the event that the trip has been CANCELLED for CAUSES NOT ATTRIBUTABLE to the ferry operator:the % of expenses in respect of the purchased ticket


The policy on conduct for passengers can be checked in the following document.

 Policy on conduct for passengers


All passengers on the ticket must board together, unless expressly stated otherwise for operational reasons.


You can travel with NAVIERA ARMAS with your hired vehicle (provided the company you hired it from permits it).

With a view to making the booking on the WEBSITE, you can fill in the box on the form for the vehicle with a dummy licence number such as “HIRE-1234", which you will change when you pick up your boarding cards at our offices.


  • TOURIST CLASS SMALL: Tourist class less than 4.85 m long and 1.85 m high.

  • TOURIST CLASS MEDIUM: Tourist class between 4.86 and 5 m long and 1.86 and 2 m high.

  • TOURIST CLASS LARGE: Tourist class more than 5.01 m long and 2.01 m high, and up to 6 m long.

  • TOURIST CLASS SMALL + SMALL TRAILER (zodiac, carriers, baggage) Tourist class less than 4.85 m long and 1.85 m high + trailer less than 1.85 m long. The total length of both spaces does not exceed 7 m.

  • TOURIST CLASS MEDIUM + TRAILER (caravan) Tourist class medium between 4.86 and 5 m long and 1.86 m and 2 m high + trailer less than 2 m high. The total length of both spaces does not exceed 7 m.

  • TOURIST CLASS LARGE + TRAILER (caravan) Tourist class more than 5.01 m long and 2.01 m high, and up to 6 m long + trailer. The total length of both spaces does not exceed 7 m.


**VEHICLE HEIGHT: including packages, luggage and any other kind of goods.

** For vehicles of all kinds, it is mandatory to present the technical data sheet, which will help us to calculate the correct charge for the vehicle.


To travel on our ferries, the deadline for admission to boarding is 30 minutes before the ship's departure time for passengers and 60 minutes for vehicles.


To purchase an open ticket, passengers must make the purchase directly in offices, through the Call Centre, by calling 902 45 65 00 or by quoting the locator obtained via another channel to leave it open.


The ticket is valid for one year from the date of issuance, unless otherwise stated on the ticket itself. In the event that the ticket is not used on the date for which the booking was made, and in the journey for which it was issued, the ticket holder can use it within the validity period, having first requested a booking and paid any difference in fares and expenses that may apply. Expenses for changing a booking will be at least 25% of the value of the ticket. Changing an open ticket to a set trip will not entail any refund of the ticket price. Before the validity period expires, after cancelling the booking, and unless otherwise stipulated on the ticket, the ticket holder shall be entitled to request the refund of 75% of its value.


The holder of this ticket has the right to be transported by the ferry operator on the route stated thereon, as well as the carriage of their personal luggage up to a maximum of 60 kg or 4 items of luggage. The company disclaims all responsibility for the transporting of valuable items that have not been handed to the Captain or a crew member appointed thereby for safekeeping. The transport of correspondence (except for correspondence authorised by the Postal Authority), hazardous goods or unlawful commerce is prohibited.


If travelling with a surfboard, kayak or bicycle, the customer must purchase a ticket with the vehicle (bicycle). When boarding, the crew will tell you where you must deposit the said vehicle, as access is not permitted to the boarding area with these items.

* The circumstances of each item of gear to be carried will be assessed individually.


In compliance with relevant law, smoking is only permitted on the ship's outer decks.