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You can keep your pet in your cabin by choosing the accommodation indicated as "Pet Access". Alternatively, pets can travel in special areas on board


 From June 24th to September 7th, The Concell Insular de Formentera regulates the entry of motor vehicles on the island.
During the restricted period, access, circulation and parking are not allowed to the following vehicles:
- Rental vehicles which have not been rented in Formentera
- Quads
- Caravans and campers
Remember that it is mandatory to access to the formentera.eco page.

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Ferries to VentoteneAll the ferry companies on Mr Ferry!

Ventotene, is a small island of the Pontine Islands archipelago, located in the Tyrrhenian Sea off the coast of Lazio. Ventotene, together with the islet of Santo Stefano, forms the marine nature reserve of Ventotene and Santo Stefano.

Especially in summer, there are numerous visitors who choose this small paradise as their destination; Ventotene is indeed a wonderful place where history and tradition blend perfectly with the sea and unspoiled nature.

Despite its small size, the island offers several attractions of historical and cultural interest, including the church and monastery of San Candida, the castle built in the eighteenth century in the square of the same name, the picturesque village of the Bourbon period, the Villa Imperiale in the far north of the island and the cisterns dating back to Roman times.

Departures to Ventotene are active throughout the year and are operated by the shipping companies Snav, Navigazione Libera del Golfo (NLG) and Laziomar, which offer more frequent departures in summer.

Ferries to VentoteneConnections and travel options

Connections to Ventotene are guaranteed throughout the year from the ports of Formia and Terracina, which are reinforced in high season. In the summer months it is also possible to reach the island from Ponza, Ischia Casamicciola and Naples Mergellina.

Departures are always during the day, sailing times are always quite short, but vary depending on the route and the shipping company chosen, convenient schedules also allow day trips.

Hydrofoils and ferries to Ventotene can be booked only by passengers without a vehicle. Depending on the conditions of the chosen company, some restrictions may apply regarding the number of hand luggage that can be taken. Pets are allowed on board.

Hydrofoils to Ventotene allow you to reach the island in a very short time. On board, passengers have access to important services such as common areas, air conditioning, toilets and a refreshment area with a bar or vending machine for snacks and drinks.

Ferries to Ventotene All the companies to this destination

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