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Terms of sale


Terms of sale

*Last updated 14/07/2023

General Terms and Conditions


MrFerry is an online platform which acts as a ticket retailer and intermediary agency of the main important ferry Companies.

MrFerry is not a shipping company and does not provide transportation services, therefore the prices and services displayed on the platform are provided directly by the shipping companies.

The MrFerry website is provided and managed by Prenotazioni 24 s.r.l. with its registered office in Italy, in Via Casa del Duca 1 – 57037 Portoferraio (LI), VAT no./Tax code/Reg. no. in the Companies Register of Livorno Chamber of Commerce 01512130491 | Livorno Chamber of Commerce Administrative and Economic Register no. 134101/05 LI Prov. Admin. Auth. no. 1819 of 16/01/06.

All reservations made through our website or call center are subject to the following terms and conditions. By accessing our services and website, you acknowledge that you have read, understand and agree to the following terms and conditions.


1.1. The customer can make reservations online 24 hours a day or contact the Call Center by telephone during opening hours. Except in cases of force majeure or unforeseen events that cannot be avoided by the company and as such are not attributable to it, MrFerry shall process the reservation requests received within 48 working hours, excluding holidays and public holidays.

The customer, by entering the booking request, takes vision, can download and declares to accept the conditions of sale of MrFerry and the conditions of sale and transport of the chosen shipping companies, the contents of which are made available on our website and must be equally accepted before confirming the booking. In addition, for the purpose of completeness of information, the customer will receive a copy of these conditions of sale by e-mail to the electronic mail address indicated in the reservation, whether the reservation has been made through the web or by telephone with an operator.

1.2. MrFerry confirms all bookings on the basis of the requests made by the customer, even if it receives the same request several times; in this case, the cancellation of one or more bookings will be subject to a penalty and the fixed booking fee and the cost of any cancellation coverage purchased will be retained.

MrFerry reserves the right to make the acceptance of booking requests conditional on the verification of the availability and fares of the Shipping Companies at the time of confirmation, in addition, it may reserve the right not to proceed with the confirmation of the booking if it prudently considers insufficient time for the issuance and delivery of the ticket to the customer in its sole interest. In this case, MrFerry is only obliged to refund the amounts collected, which it will repay to the customer through the same payment method used for the reservation.

1.3. Departures and rates proposed by MrFerry are those officially published by the shipping companies. MrFerry, as intermediary, does not intervene in any way on the fares issued by the companies, but applies a booking fee as compensation for the administrative costs of handling the file.

Up to the final issue of the Ticket, the shipping companies have the right to change and adjust their fares at any time and without prior notice. However, in exceptional cases, after the Ticket has been issued, the Customer may be notified directly by the Company of any changes in tariffs (e.g. due to increases in fuel costs) or changes in routes, dates, departure and/or arrival times of ferries or the use of other carriers.

MrFerry is not responsible for the control of the prices and tariffs applied to the proposed trips, as well as it declines any responsibility related to the provision of the services booked through its platform, since the same are managed directly by the maritime companies and are subject to their terms and conditions.

All the services shown are available and bookable through Traghettilines, which facilitates price comparisons and bookings with ferry companies, excluding any obligation towards the user in relation to the management and provision of the transport service. It is therefore the responsibility of the user to ensure that he/she has read and understood the terms and conditions of sale and transport of the shipping company chosen.

1.4. For its part, MrFerry has the right to apply, in the interest of the customer, the best fares in force at the time of the issue of the ticket and resulting from any offers or promotional fares, even if the application of such particular fares would lead to the impossibility of refunding and/or modifying the ticket, in accordance with the conditions of sale of the selected shipping company.

1.5. Reservation requests are accepted by MrFerry up to the same day of departure, provided that the customer can make the payment by credit/prepaid card and can receive the ticket by email, whatsapp, sms or other ways that allow its display at boarding.

1.6. The Customer is solely responsible for the accuracy and truthfulness of the information provided during the booking process (routes, dates and times requested; number, age, names and dates of passengers; pets; type of accommodation; type and size of accompanying vehicles; e-mail address; telephone number; credit card information, etc.).

The Customer is also required to inquire in advance with the competent authorities about the documents necessary for the journey (e.g. identity cards, passports, consular visa, permits and health certificates for the transport of animals, etc.) and the requirements for the stay at the booked destination (e.g. restrictions on disembarkation and/or movement of vehicles provided by municipal regulations/ordinances or legal regulations in force in the municipalities/countries of the chosen destinations) for all passengers listed on the Ticket. As MrFerry cannot guarantee the constant updating of local regulations, it cannot be held responsible for the client's lack of documents or requirements required by the authorities. In any case, reference is made to the provisions of the regulations in force concerning restrictions and access and to the conditions of sale applied by the shipping companies.

1.7. A reservation request on the MrFerry platform does not automatically imply the assignment of accommodation/seats on board and tickets. It is a request that must be confirmed by MrFerry after checking availability and rates.

1.8. Customers may use the website to make reservations and purchases for their own and/or others with their consent. The Customer who makes the reservation online or by phone must have the authorization to confirm it on the behalf of all passengers and he is responsible to protect all personal information entered, assuring accuracy and completeness.

1.9. The customer traveling with a companion animal must also make a reservation for the pet and include it in the ticket. It is the responsibility of the customer to inquire in advance about the possibility of transportation of pets and compliance with the legal standards of the countries concerned. The customer undertakes to verify the regularity of the veterinary certificate and the health booklet and is obliged to verify the actual purchase of services for animals on board, where provided (for example, cabins with access for animals, kennels on board), being responsible for the purchase made. In any case, please refer to the terms of sale and conditions of carriage of the individual shipping companies concerned, which regulate the matter in detail.


2.1 MrFerry allows reservations for groups of people, with or without an accompanying vehicle, at special rates when provided by individual shipping companies and according to their terms and conditions. The customer must submit the request for a quote by filling out the appropriate form on the home page of https://www.misterferry.com No request for quotation other than the above will be accepted.

2.2  The shipping companies have the right to change the tariffs at any time and without notice until the final issue of the ticket and, in exceptional cases, even after the issue, as indicated in point 1.3.

By sending the request for quotation, the customer accepts the offer, acknowledges and declares to have read and accepted the general conditions of sale of MrFerry, which will be sent together with the booking summary

The sending of the request for quotation does not imply the automatic assignment of the seat on board and the simultaneous issue of the ticket, but constitutes a mere request for quotation, subject to verification of availability and prices and confirmation by MrFerry.

MrFerry will confirm the offer upon receipt of the amount requested by the customer.

2.3 Any request for modification or cancellation of the reservation must be sent to MrFerry by e-mail to gruppi@prenotazioni24.it and will be subject to the time limits set forth in article 6 below. The time limits set out in point 6 will apply.

2.4 Any tax invoice from the shipping company, if the carrier allows it, must be requested from MrFerry at the same time as the reservation, providing the necessary tax information.


3.1 MrFerry allows you to make reservations for commercial vehicles and drivers by sending the request for quotation from the dedicated freight and cargo transportation area or by contacting the Call Center.
The transportation of goods and commercial vehicles is subject to different and specific terms and conditions of sale and transportation, which are governed by the regulations used by the individual shipping companies as well as by the legal provisions in force, and which the shipper declares to be aware of and to have accepted when purchasing the service.  It is the shipper's duty to ensure that he/she is familiar with these General Conditions by exercising due diligence.

3.2 Cargo reservations are subject to special rates set by each carrier.

3.3  MrFerry gives the Sea Carrier the order of transportation as stated in the contract on behalf of the Carrier, who, through his drivers or company employees, delivers the cargo to the Carrier, takes care of its embarkation and related activities, and assumes responsibility for the booked services and the declared cargo/goods.

3.4 The balance of the fare, including the fees due to MrFerry, must be paid before the reservation is confirmed. Reservations are considered confirmed upon receipt of payment and the sending of the Reservation Summary containing the details and information of the voyage, as well as the Embarkation Declaration for the collection of the Bill of Lading at the port.

The price of the transport is calculated on the basis of the rates in force at the time of the purchase, which may be modified by the shipping company before the date of departure, in which case the final price to be paid will include the actual freight and the commission due to MrFerry for the brokerage service.

MrFerry will issue a monthly invoice based on the statement received from the shipping company. In case of discrepancy between the price already paid by the carrier and the price to be paid on the basis of the bill of lading issued, MrFerry reserves the right to obtain a tariff supplement up to the amount of the credit. For this purpose, the shipper authorizes MrFerry to debit the amount still due from the credit card indicated at the time of payment, the details of which will be kept for this sole purpose until the completion of the service.

3.5. It is the responsibility of the person making the reservation to determine whether or not the vehicle involved is a commercial vehicle, i.e., specifically licensed to transport goods, carry commercial goods, or transit for commercial purposes.

In fact, when booking, the shipper must indicate the correct dimensions, type and license plate of his vehicle, as well as whether he is transporting hazardous materials or goods. In the event that the commercial vehicle is mistakenly booked as a private vehicle, or in the event that the required data is not filled in or declared correctly, the availability and/or embarkation may not be guaranteed by the Carrier, who may decide to charge the full fare and refuse embarkation without refund, or to proceed with the transportation contract, subject to the right to demand payment of the relevant fare differences, taxes, penalties, if any, and related fees, which must be paid to MrFerry when the invoice is sent on the basis of the bill of lading actually issued

MrFerry is not liable in case the Carrier refuses to board the vehicle or invalidates the ticket due to discrepancies in the bill of lading for reasons attributable to the Carrier.

The shipper assumes responsibility for the reservation made.

3.6. In the event of cancellation of the reservation or non-departure due to the fault of the carrier, where the carrier provides for the refund of the ticket, MrFerry will proceed to refund the amount paid, except for the reservation fees and net of the handling and administrative costs of the file.

3.7. In no case, MrFerry can be held responsible for the provision of the transport service or its operational management.

3.8. MrFerry shall not be held liable in the event that the chosen carrier changes or cancels routes, departure and/or arrival dates/times, or uses other carriers or ships/hydrofoils than those originally booked, and shall not be held liable for any consequential damages or losses caused by the missed departure or its modification, as it cannot be attributed to the intermediary through which the ticket was purchased, the cost of unused stays, missed connections or additional expenses caused by the missed departure.

MrFerry can only be held responsible for damages resulting directly from its intermediary activity and from the violation of these general conditions.


4.1. Reservations are considered confirmed when the tickets are issued and such issuance is always subject to receipt of payment. MrFerry is never and under no circumstances responsible for any fare increase and/or unavailability of seats by the shipping companies. In the event of unavailability of seats and/or fare changes not accepted by the client, MrFerry is only obliged to refund the sums already paid.

4.2. Although the prices and fares proposed by MrFerry are current and accurate, it is not possible to guarantee the customer from any fare adjustment required by the shipping companies, therefore MrFerry reserves the right to update the booking offers before issuing the ticket, in each case subject to the customer's confirmation. MrFerry will contact the customer to propose possible alternatives. In the event that the customer does not accept the proposed alternatives, MrFerry will immediately proceed to the full refund of the amounts already collected.

4.3. The method of payment is chosen by the customer when filling out the reservation request, where, according to the choice, the details and instructions for making the payment are given. Tickets must be paid for by credit card or Paypal. Payment by credit card is accepted only if the cardholder is one of the passengers or the reservation applicant.

4.4. The ticket is sent to the customer only after verification of the actual credit on the bank account. The verification is carried out by one of our operators, therefore, if the document is sent during the hours when the accounting office is closed, MrFerry is not responsible for changes in quotes or availability that have occurred until the time of the verification of the credit.

4.5. Once payment has been received, MrFerry will issue a booking confirmation message containing the details of the trip and all relevant information. This notification does not constitute a valid ticket for boarding, but only a summary of the reservation. Tickets are sent with the confirmation email and must be specifically downloaded by the customer. If the customer does not receive the tickets within 48 hours of confirmation, he/she should contact the Call Center or access his/her reserved area and forward the request for sending. In any case, MrFerry will send the ticket code by SMS to the phone number provided during the booking process, in order to print it in case of urgency at the port ticket offices.

4.6. Mr Ferry is not responsible for any interruption of the Website or for any failed transaction resulting from causes beyond MrFerry's control. The customer can always contact our call center or access the reserved area to change the payment method.


5.1. The tickets will be sent via e-mail (by attachment or through a link) and can be downloaded from the Reserved Area. If the ticket is not delivered, the customer must contact MrFerry to request a new delivery.

Any shipment by mail or courier expressly requested by the customer at his own expense will be made on behalf of the customer. MrFerry will not be held responsible for any delay, non-delivery or partial delivery of travel documents due to causes beyond its control.

5.2. After receiving the tickets, the customer is required to carefully check the details printed on it. Any mistake and/or error must be promptly reported to MrFerry which will not be liable for any delay in communicating such mistakes in the booking.

5.3. It is obligatory to present oneself for boarding with the travel documents within the time limits specified in the shipping company's conditions of carriage. Otherwise, the passenger will lose the right to board and/or will have to buy a new ticket. In no case can MrFerry be held responsible for delays or failure to present tickets, even partially, at the time of boarding for reasons beyond its control.

In addition, the Customer must present at the embarkation point a valid identity card and the necessary travel documents to reach the destination in question (identity card, passport, visa, etc.) for all passengers included in the booking. This regulation also applies to vehicles and/or pets.

5.4. No page printed from this website, except for tickets or vouchers for boarding downloaded from “My bookings” Area, serves as confirmation of booking or as a valid boarding document.


6.1. All requests for changes or cancellation must be made by accessing your User Area. All amendment and cancellation requests sent in any different form from the “User Area” will not be taken under consideration since a prompt intervention would not be granted.  In any case, MrFerry is not responsible for delays or processing of requests received through communication channels other than those indicated.

In case of need, during the hours or days when Traghettilines is closed or if the service is unavailable for any reason, the customer may directly contact the ferry company directly and request changes and cancellations from it.

6.2.  In the case of changes or modifications to tickets already issued, if provided for by the regulations of the shipping company, the customer is obliged to pay the penalties for changes provided for by the company's general conditions of carriage and to pay MrFerry  the costs of reopening and managing the file, from a minimum of €15.00 to a maximum of €40.00 for each change or modification.

6.3. Failure to use tickets that have already been issued will not result in their automatic refund.

6.4. Cancellation of tickets is subject to and regulated by the General Conditions of Carriage of the companies concerned, which may provide for the application of cancellation penalties; it is also subject to the reopening and administration fees due to MrFerry, equal to 15% of the ticket amount.

 6.5. In the event of changes and/or cancellations made directly with the Shipping Company, if the intervention of Traghettilines is still necessary, the fixed fee of euro 10.00 will be withheld. 

6.6. Changes or cancellations made before 11:59 p.m. on the day the ticket is issued do not incur re-opening and handling fees by MrFerry but are however subject to any penalties applied by the shipping carriers.

6.7. It is the customer's responsibility to check whether the purchased ticket allows for change and/or cancellation as well as refund under the conditions of sale imposed by the ferry operator. Promotional or special fare tickets may not be refundable. Refunds are always made in accordance with the conditions of sale of the shipping company concerned.

Reservation fees and any cancellation coverage purchased will not be refunded under any circumstances.

6.8. At times, following the cancellation, the ferry companies could legitimately provide for an alternative form of reimbursement in voucher of equal value of the boarding pass which can be used for future purchases under the terms and conditions established. MrFerry, as an intermediary in the sale of tickets on behalf of the companies themselves, is bound by the terms and conditions established by the companies and has no control over the reimbursement arrangements made and for which it is responsible.

6.9. In case of sending requests to change previously purchased tickets during the hours and days when MrFerry offices are closed (hours from 8:00 PM to 8:00 AM and days December 25 and January 1) MrFerry will process them the day immediately following by checking the current price and availability and sending a new quotation.

While making the new quotation, MrFerry may find accommodation unavailability or price variations set by the ferry company. In such a case, MrFerry will not confirm the amendment request and will contact the customer in order to agree on alternative travel arrangements.

6.10. MrFerry is not liable for any arrangement, amendment or change the customer directly made with the ferry company.

6.11. The shipping companies are responsible for the provision of the transport services they directly operate. MrFerry, as a retailer and intermediary, is in no way responsible for the management of embarkation and disembarkation or for damages caused by changes or management of the same.

In no event shall MrFerry be held liable for any hindrances to the voyage attributable to the carrier, such as impediments to departure or its cancellation, changes in service or itinerary, delays or interruptions of the voyage due to adverse weather conditions at sea, or any other cause attributable or not attributable to the carrier.

In the event of cancellation of a trip, the carrier is obliged to reimburse the passenger for the price of the ticket purchased or to offer a reasonable alternative, subject to the customer's acceptance. The refund concerns only the part of the ticket that has not been used, that is, the part of the trip that is affected by the cancellation or change made by the carrier. For its part, MrFerry will endeavor to ensure that the customer is duly informed in the event of such an occurrence and to manage the change and refund practices, in any case subject to the refund of the amount collected upon actual reimbursement by the company.


7.1. The amounts charged and subsequently credited back to the Customer’s credit card by MrFerry may be not be immediately available by the credit card handler.

In these cases, only the holder of the credit card, as the sole interlocutor with his credit institution, can require the manager to restore the amount in advance on the ceiling of his card. The recovery time of the ceiling may vary depending on the operator’s condition.

7.2. In case of payment exceeding the amount due for the reservation, made by bank transfer or postal bulletin, MrFerry will refund the difference.

7.3. In the event of cancellation or modification of the tickets, MrFerry will refund to the customer the sums due, minus the penalties imposed by the Shipping Company concerned and the handling fees due to MrFerry, always and in any case subject to the receipt of the sums by the Shipping Company.

7.4. Unless otherwise agreed, MrFerry refunds the customer with the same payment method utilized by the customer at the time of purchase.

7.5. In the event that a shipping company offers a voucher for a canceled trip instead of a monetary refund (see 6.5), MrFerry can only issue such voucher, which can be redeemed by the customer in accordance with the conditions established by the shipping company.


8.1. The customer has the possibility to purchase an additional coverage against cancellation in order to obtain the reimbursement of the cancellation fees due in case of cancellation of the services purchased through Prenotazioni24 for the specific reasons and cases covered therein.

8.2. The guarantee can be added within 24 hours of booking confirmation and must be selected and purchased at the time of booking. It will be active from the moment of the purchase until the first use of the purchased service is made. If more than one trip is booked, the warranty option must be selected for all services.

8.3. The Cancellation Coverage cannot be removed after the purchase and it is non-refundable.

8.4.  In case of changes to the reservation, the price of the Cancellation Coverage will also be adjusted for the purchase of the new service.


9.1. MrFerry, acting exclusively as an intermediary agency between the customer and the supplier (Shipping Company/carrier) for the booking of ferry tickets, is not responsible for the performance of the booked trip and disclaims any liability regarding the provision of the transport service and its operational management, in compliance with Italian and European regulations.

The customer acknowledges that MrFerry acts as an intermediary between the passengers and the Shipping Company and that it is therefore not responsible for the failure or inaccurate provision of the services provided by the Company.

MrFerry, as an intermediary and agent of the consumer, facilitates the meeting between supply and demand, thus between Customers/Travellers and Shipping Companies, and the conclusion of the agreement between them, i.e. the purchase of the maritime transport tickets. In this regard, the responsibility of the intermediary (MrFerry) is solely to fulfil the mandate received from the consumer, which concludes with the delivery of the tickets to the booking customer.

Therefore, should the Shipping Company cancel or change routes, dates/times of departure and/or arrival, accommodations and the like, or use other carriers, or alternative vessels than those originally booked, It is to be held directly responsible for them and for the management of suitable alternatives, as well as for the related assistance to the Customer.

The European Union legislation, specifically Regulation (EU) No. 1177/2010, establishes the passenger's right to claim economic compensation in case of delay and/or cancellation of the journey, defining the terms in relation to the duration of the inconvenience or the missed service. In the event of a cancellation or delay exceeding 90 minutes, the carrier is required to offer the passenger the following options: alternative transportation to the final destination under similar conditions or reimbursement of the ticket price for the missed departure. In the event that the customer opts for reimbursement, it will be paid by MrFerry only upon confirmation by the Company that the transportation service was not provided by reasons beyond the customer's control.
Consistently, the Navigation Code in Articles 403 and 404,  establish for the carrier, and not the intermediary agent, to bear any liability related to cancellations and/or delays in the transportation service.                     

Consequently, MrFerry shall not be liable for any consequential damages or losses caused by the missed departure or variation thereof, since the cost of unused stays, missed travel connections or additional expenses incurred due to the missed departure cannot be attributable, for the aforementioned reasons, to the intermediary from whom the ticket was purchased.

9.2. The customer agrees to take financial responsibility for all transactions carried out on their behalf and confirms the accuracy of the information provided about themselves and the passengers listed in the reservation.

MrFerry shall not be held liable in the event that the Shipping Company denies boarding to one or more booked passengers, or requests a fare adjustment of the ticket, or cancels its validity, due to discrepancies between the data provided by the customer at the time of the booking and the personal and/or vehicle documents that are presented at the time of boarding or during check-in.

9.3 It is the customer's duty to ensure that he/she is familiar with these General Terms and Conditions of Prenotazioni24, as well as of the individual Shipping Company, using ordinary diligence. The customer is personally liable for failure to comply therewith.
MrFerry disclaims any responsibility for the non-publication on its website of the extraordinary conditions applied by the Shipping Companies in emergency situations, for which the customer is required to independently inquire with due diligence through the appropriate channels.

9.4. MrFerry shall not be held responsible for interruptions or technical malfunctions of the booking system not attributable to it and related software.

9.5. MrFerry is only responsible for losses that result directly from its intermediation activities, as well as from the violation of these General Conditions.


10.1. The Consumer Code, Law D.Lgs 06/09/2005 n.206, G.U. 08/10/2005, as amended by Italian Law 3rd may 2019 n.37 and Italian Law 12th  April 2019 n.31, at art. 59 “Exceptions to the rights of withdrawal” states: “The right of withdrawal referred to in artt. 52 and 58 concerning Distance Contracts and Contracts negotiated off-commercial premises does not apply to:...n) supply of accommodations for non-residential purposes, transport of goods, car rental services, catering services or other services concerning leisure activities whereas the contract sets a firm date or execution period”, in accordance with the EU Directive 2011/83/EU regarding the Consumer Rights, chapter III art. 16 and transposed by the Law D.Lgs 21/02/2014 n.21.

The purchase of maritime transport service falls under the leisure contracts category having a firm date, which implies the exclusion of the right of withdrawal for those contracts concluded on our online Platform MrFerry.


11.1. The purchase of tickets and boarding passes  through MrFerry falls under the indirect e-commerce policy, which can be compared to distance selling, therefore not subject to the invoice requirement (unless requested by the customer at the same time as the purchase of the travel ticket and only where issuance is possible) in accordance with the art. 22 of Law D.P.R. n.633/1972, as well as no fiscal receipt (ex art. 2, comma 1 lett.oo of Law D.P.R. 696/1996). Sale considerations will be entered and kept into the Sale Records held by Prenotazioni 24 Ltd.


12.1. This website and the contents therein, such as the name “MrFerry” and other trademarks and logos here displayed, are registered trademarks and owned by MrFerry which holds the license and are therefore protected by copyright. Ferry Companies own their own trademarks and authorize MrFerry for usage. These contents cannot be copied, reproduced, republished, downloaded, transmitted or distributed without written consent of MrFerry. Users shall only use this website for personal and non-commercial purposes. 


13.1. MrFerry reserves the right to modify or update the conditions of use of the site as necessary and for justified reasons and operational needs, without prior notice to users. The use of this site after any modification of the conditions constitutes acceptance of the same.


14.1. Any dispute arising from the interpretation and/or execution of this contract shall be settled by the competent court of Livorno. In the case of passengers who qualify as consumers under current Italian Law, the competent court shall be the court of residence or domicile, if domiciled or resident in Italy.