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Terms of sale


Terms of sale

*Last updated 12/10/2021



MrFerry is an online platform which acts as a ticket retailer and intermediary agency of the main important ferry Companies.

MrFerry is not a maritime carrier and does not provide transport services, thus rates and services displayed on the website are directly supplied by the ferry Companies.

The website MrFerry is provided and managed by Prenotazioni 24 s.r.l. with its registered office in Italy, in Via Cacciò 9 – 57037 Portoferraio (LI) and head office in Italy, in Via Casa del Duca 1 – 57037 Portoferraio (LI), VAT no./Tax code/Reg. no. in the Companies Register of Livorno Chamber of Commerce 01512130491 | Livorno Chamber of Commerce Administrative and Economic Register no. 134101/05 LI Prov. Admin. Auth. no. 1819 of 16/01/06.


1.1. All reservations made through our website or Call Center are subject to the following Terms of Sale. By accessing the website, the Customer shall agree to accept and be bound by the Terms and Conditions set out by the present Agreement.

By entering the reservation request, the Customer shall read, download, acknowledge and agree both  MrFerry’s Terms of Sale and the Maritime Companies’ terms and conditions, whose contents are made available on the website and are likewise to be accepted before the booking confirmation.

The Customer will also receive a copy of the above mentioned Terms and Conditions via e-mail address entered in the booking form on the web or communicated by phone to our operator.

1.2. The Customer may send reservation requests online 24/7 or complete them by phone during the opening hours of our Call Center. Except in cases of force majeure or unforeseen events unavoidable by the Company and no imputable as such, MrFerry will process the reservation requests within 48 working hours, excluding holidays and pre-public holidays. MrFerry will confirm all bookings according to the reservation requests made by the Customer, even though an identical request was done twice or several times. In such circumstance, the cancellation of one or more booking is subject to penalties and fees will be held as well as the cost of the Cancellation Coverage Annex optionally purchased.

MrFerry is entitled to make acceptance of the booking requests upon availability and rates of the ferry Companies before confirmation. MrFerry is furthermore entitled to deny confirmation of the booking in case the time necessary to issue is not long enough to send and receive the ticket. In such circumstance, MrFerry will refund any amount received through the same method of payment used for the original transaction unless otherwise expressly agreed.

1.3. Departures and rates proposed by MrFerry are those officially published by the Ferry Companies. MrFerry, as intermediary agency, does not intervene in any way on the rates issued by the Companies, whereas it will charge a booking fee by way of handling and management fees to each reservation as compensation for its intermediary service.

Ferry Companies are entitled to change and adjourn their rates at any stage without notice until the ticket is issued. Under exceptional circumstances, following the issuing, rates variation might be notified to the Customer directly from the maritime company (e.g. due to increase in fuel cost) as well as changes in departure/arrival time or use of different carriers.

MrFerry is not liable for price and rates control applied to the proposed journey as it denies any liability for the provision of the service booked via the website, being the maritime Companies liable for it under their Terms of Sale and Transport Conditions.


All services displayed are available and bookable on MrFerry which allows to easily compare rates and  accommodations of the Ferry Companies ruling out any obligation towards customers regarding the transport service management and its provision. Therefore, Customer is required to read and aknowledge the Terms of Sale and Transport Conditions of the Ferry Company concerned.

1.4. MrFerry is entitled to apply the best rate available due to special offers or promotional fares, in the Customer’s interest, although these special fares entail the non-repayment and/or the impossibility of amending the tickets according to the Company’s Terms of Sale.

1.5. MrFerry will accept reservation requests until the date of departure if the Customer could pay by credit card/prepaid and could receive the ticket via e-mail, text messages or other methods to present it at the boarding.

1.6. The Customer is responsible for the accuracy and authenticity of the information entered during the booking process (dates and times of departure; routes; journey; number, age, name and data for all passengers; vehicle size; email address; telephone number; credit card details, etc). The Customer is also required to previously collect all information about the documents needed for travelling (such as identity card, passport, visa, permits, medical certifications for pet transport) besides the necessary requirements for the stay at each destination (e.g. disembarking limitations and/or restrictions on movement of vehicles imposed by municipal regulations/ordinances or by law in force in the town/Country concerned). MrFerry, being unable to keep regulations constantly updated, in no case will be liable for any refusal to disembark by the local authorities due to insufficient documentation necessary to enter the town/country of destination. By all means, customers should refer to the regulations and laws in force regarding the restrictions alongside the Terms of sales of the Ferry Companies.

1.7. Making a reservation request on the MrFerry platform does not automatically imply the assignment of accommodation/seats on board and the ticketing, but a mere request which must be confirmed by MrFerry upon availability and rates check. 

1.8. Customers may use the website to make reservations and purchases for their own and/or others with their consent. The Customer who makes the reservation online or by phone must have the authorization to confirm it on the behalf of all passengers and he is responsible to protect all personal information entered, assuring accuracy and completeness.

1.9. Customers who travel with pets are required to make the reservation for the animal. The Customer only is responsible for verifying the opportunity of animal transportation and the compliance with the regulations of the area/country concerned. The Customer will commit to verify the accuracy of the certification requirements and the veterinary certification as well as the actual purchase of services for animals on board, where provided (e.g. pet friendly cabins, animal shelter) being liable for the purchased made. Nevertheless, the Customer must refer to the Terms of sale and transport Conditions of the Ferry Company selected, detailing the topic.


2.1. The reservations are confirmed after the ticket has been issued and the ticketing will be processed upon receipt of payment. MrFerry is no case liable for fare increases and/or seats unavailability operated by the Ferry Companies. In case of unavailability or rates variations not accepted by the Customer, MrFerry is liable for reimbursing any amount received.

2.2. Although the rates are kept accurate and updated, MrFerry may not ensure from fare increase set by the maritime companies, thus it may update the quotation before the ticket is issued, always after the Customer’s confirmation. MrFerry will contact the Customer to provide alternative travel arrangements. MrFerry will proceed to refund any payment received in case the Customer does not accept any of the travel alternatives.

2.3. The Customer shall select the method of payment when filling the booking form, where, for each method chosen, data and instructions necessary for the payment will be displayed. Tickets with departure within 5 working days from the reservation request are to be purchased by credit card/prepaid or Paypal. Payment by credit card will only be accepted if the card holder is the person who makes the booking or one of the passengers.

2.4. In case of bank transfer, the Customer shall send MrFerry a copy of the transaction via fax, e-mail or whatsapp. For those payments carried out by bank transfer, MrFerry will send the ticket only after the  amount due has been credited in its bank account.

2.5. For bookings made via Scalapay deferred payment, the customer has the option of purchasing the services by paying the price in three monthly instalments and accepts the conditions of the service operated by Scalapay s.r.l. The customer receives his order immediately and pays in 3 instalments. He acknowledges that the instalments will be transferred to Incremento SPV s.r.l., to related parties and their assignees and authorises this transfer.

2.6. Following the payment, MrFerry will confirm the reservation by sending the travel details and other relevant information. The notification is a mere reservation summary not valid for boarding. Tickets are sent along with the confirmation email and are to be downloaded by the Customer. In the event that the Customer does not receive the tickets within 48 hours after the confirmation, he shall contact our Call Center or access to the Reserved Area to forward the request to send. In either case, MrFerry will send the ticket code by text message to the contact number entered in the booking form in order to print it at the ticket desk at the Port. 

2.7. MrFerry is not liable for any interruption of the website or transaction failures for reasons not attributable. The Customer may always contact our Call Center or access to the Reserved Area to amend the method of payment.


3.1. The boarding pass will be sent via e-mail (by attachment or through a link) and can be downloaded from the Reserved Area. In case of failure to deliver the ticket, the Customer is required to contact MrFerry to request a new send.

Ticket delivery via post or courier will be fully charged to the customer and it will occur in the name and on the behalf of the Customer themselves. MrFerry declines any liability for the late delivery or failure to deliver the boarding pass, as these types of delivery fall beyond its control.

3.2. After receiving the boarding pass, the Customer is required to carefully check the details printed on it. Any mistake and/or error must be promptly reported to MrFerry which will not be liable for any delay in communicating such mistakes in the booking.

3.3. It is mandatory for all passengers to show up at the ferry terminal with the boarding pass within the time limit set by the Transport Condition of the Ferry Company concerned. Differently, the Customer will lose the right to board and may be required to buy a new ticket. Under no circumstances, MrFerry will be held liable for delays or for failing to present the boarding pass at the boarding gate.

The Customer is also required to show at the imbarkment a valid ID and the necessary travel documents to reach the destination concerned (identity card, passport, visa, etc) for all passengers included in the booking. The regulation applies also to vehicles and/or pets.

3.4. No page printed from this website, except for tickets or vouchers for boarding downloaded from “My bookings” Area, serves as confirmation of booking or as a valid boarding document.


4.1. All requests for changes or cancellation must be made by accessing your User Area. All amendment and cancellation requests sent in any different form from the “User Area” will not be taken under consideration since a prompt intervention would not be granted. In any case, MrFerry is not liable for delays or processing requests sent in different ways.

In case of need, when MrFerry offices are closed or the service unavailable due to any reason, the Customer may directly contact the Ferry Company to change or cancel the booking.

4.2. In case of changes or amendments to ticket already issued, allowed by the Terms and Conditions of the ferry Company involved, the Customer will be required to pay change fees according to the Company’s Transport, Conditions in addition to a fee from a minimum of €5,00 to a maximum of €40,00 owed to MrFerry for each change or amendment as management fees. Changes or amendments within 24 hours from the booking confirmation will not be charged, except for any penalties applied by the maritime carrier.

4.3. In case of cancellation and/or non-use of ticket already issued, the Customer will be required to pay the whole/partial amount according to the Transport Conditions of the Ferry Company booked.

Any partial refund is always subject to and regulated by the Ferry Company’s Terms and Conditions, besides the management fees owed to MrFerry equal to 15% of the ticket price amount. Under no circumstances, booking fees and cancellation coverage appendix costs will be refunded.

4.4. The Customer is required to verify if the ticket purchased allows changes, amendments or cancellation according to the Terms of sale set out by the maritime carrier. Special fare or promotional tickets may be non-refundable. The reimbursement will be always made according to the Terms of Sale of the Ferry Company.

4.5. At times, following the cancellation, the Ferry Companies could legitimately provide for an alternative form of reimbursement in voucher of equal value of the boarding pass which can be used for future purchases under the terms and conditions established. MrFerry, as intermediary agency of the Ferry Companies, is bound by their Terms and does not exercise any discretion over the reimbursement arrangements.

4.6. In case of amendment requests forwarded during the MrFerry Office closing hours (closure time from 20:00 PM to 08:00 AM – closure days 25th December and 1st January) MrFerry will process them the day immediately following by checking the current price and availability and sending a new quotation.

While making the new quotation, MrFerry may find accommodation unavailability or price variations set by the Ferry Company. In such a case, MrFerry will not confirm the amendment request and will contact the Customer in order to agree on alternative travel arrangements.

4.7. MrFerry is not liable for any arrangement, amendment or change the Customer directly made with the Ferry Company.

4.8. Ferry Companies are liable for providing transport service that they directly manage. MrFerry, as intermediary and retailer agency, is by no means liable for managing the boarding and the departures as well as for damages caused by operative changes or service management.

MrFerry is not liable for any setback or omission cause by the carrier, such as failed departure or cancellation, changes to service or route, delays or disruption of the transport due to adverse weather conditions or other reasons caused or not by the carrier.

In case of cancellation, the Ferry Company is committed to refund the Customer for an amount equal to the value of the ticket purchased or to propose alternative arrangements of using the service upon confirmation by the Customer. The refund will be made for the portion unused of the ticket exclusively or for the unused/cancelled/changed leg of the journey operated by the maritime carrier itself. MrFerry, in turn, will endeavour both to ensure a proper information, as may be aware, and to manage the variation and/or refund process, reimboursing the amount paid after receiving the refund by the Ferry Company.


5.1. The amounts charged and subsequently credited back to the Customer’s credit card by MrFerry may be not be immediately available by the credit card handler.

In such circumstance, the card holder, being the sole interlocutor with the credit card handler, shall request the early return of the amount to their credit card. The time needed for returning funds to the credit card may vary according to the handler’s conditions.

5.2. In case of payment made by bank transfer beyond the due amount for the reservation, MrFerry will refund the difference in price.

5.3. In the event of ticket cancellation or changes, MrFerry will reimburse the amount, deducted the cancellation/variation fees owed to the Ferry Company in addition to the booking costs owed to MrFerry, just after having received the refund from the Ferry Company concerned.

5.4. Unless otherwise agreed, MrFerry will refund the Customer in the same method of payment used to make the reservation.

5.5. In the event that the maritime carrier recovers the entire amount of the cancelled/unused ticket through the issue of a voucher in lieu of the refund, MrFerry, without discretion, will only issue such a voucher that the Customer could redeem according to the Ferry Company’s Terms and Conditions.


6.1. Customer is given the opportunity to purchase an additional cancellation coverage in order to ensure the reimbursement of the fees and penalties owed in case of cancellation of the services booked through Prenotazioni 24 Ltd. for the specific causes and situations enshrined in.

6.2. The Coverage shall be selected and purchased at the same time of booking and may be added up to 24 hours after purchase. The Coverage is valid since purchase until use of the first service booked. In the event of several reservations, the coverage shall be selected for all service reserved.

6.3. The Cancellation Coverage cannot be removed after the purchase and it is not refundable.

6.4. In the event of booking changes, a price adjustment for the cancellation coverage will be applied equal to 6% of the fare difference on new service purchase.


7.1. MrFerry, as intermediary between the Customer and the supplier (ferry companies and carriers), will disclaim any liability for the journey booked in terms of provision of the transport service or its operation management.

7.2. MrFerry could not be held responsible if the Ferry Company denies embarkation to any passenger, asks for ticket price adjustments or voids the ticket due to incorrect data entry, information mismatch or missing documents for passengers and vehicles presented at the boarding terminal or during the check in process.  

7.3. MrFerry could not be held responsible if the Ferry Company booked changes or cancels routes, date/time of departure/arrival or uses other carriers/vessels in lieu of the services initially reserved.

MrFerry, as intermediary and ticket retailer, could not be held responsible for possible damages or consequential losses incurred due to the failed departure or its change or delay, such as costs of unused stay, missed connections, additional fees or costs. The Ferry Company only is liable for the previous situations.

7.4. MrFerry is not liable for outages or technical interruptions of the booking system or related software programs beyond its control.

7.5. MrFerry is not liable for the information not displayed on its website, but available on the Terms and Conditions of the Ferry Companies or for consultation on the Platform before the booking confirmation.

MrFerry disclaims any liability for non-disclosure of extraordinary conditions implemented in emergency situations by the Ferry Companies on their website, that the Customer is required to autonomously obtain  with the due diligence over the correct channels.

7.6. MrFerry is liable for losses or damages which result straight from its own intermediary activities and for the breach of the conditions laid down to the present Agreement.

7.7. The Customer is accountable to both Prenotazioni 24 Ltd and the Ferry Company concerned for complying with the Terms of Sale and other requirements set by the maritime carrier or by Law. The Customer shall be acquainted with the present Terms and Conditions using the due diligence.

Customers shall accept their own financial liability for all the transactions made on their own behalf and they ensure all the information entered about themselves and other passengers are accurate and correct.

7.8. The Customer aknowledges and agrees that MrFerry, as intermediary agency between the customer and the maritime carrier, is not liable for the failed or inexact provision of the transport service by the Ferry Company.


8.1. The Consumer Code, Law D.Lgs 06/09/2005 n.206, G.U. 08/10/2005, as amended by Italian Law 3rd may 2019 n.37 and Italian Law 12th  April 2019 n.31, at art. 59 “Exceptions to the rights of withdrawal” states: “The right of withdrawal referred to in artt. 52 and 58 concerning Distance Contracts and Contracts negotiated off-commercial premises does not apply to:...n) supply of accommodations for non-residential purposes, transport of goods, car rental services, catering services or other services concerning leisure activities whereas the contract sets a firm date or execution period”, in accordance with the EU Directive 2011/83/EU regarding the Consumer Rights, chapter III art. 16 and transposed by the Law D.Lgs 21/02/2014 n.21.

The purchase of maritime transport service falls under the leisure contracts category having a firm date, which implies the exclusion of the right of withdrawal for those contracts concluded on our online Platform MrFerry.


9.1. The purchase of tickets and boarding passes on MrFerry falls under the indirect e-commerce policy, assimilable to distance selling therefore no invoice is required (if not requested by the Customer at the moment of purchase online and only if the issue is possible) in accordance with the art. 22 of Law D.P.R. n.633/1972, as well as no fiscal receipt (ex art. 2, comma 1 lett.oo of Law D.P.R. 696/1996). Sale considerations will be entered and kept into the Sale Records held by Prenotazioni 24 Ltd.


10.1. This website and the contents provided, along with the name “MrFerry” and other trademarks and logos here displayed, are registered trademark of MrFerry and protected by Copyright. Ferry Companies own their own trademarks and authorize MrFerry for usage. These contents cannot be copied, reproduced, republished, downloaded, transmitted or distributed without written permission of MrFerry. Users shall only use this website for personal and non-commercial purposes.


11.1. MrFerry may reserve the right to change and adjourn the conditions concerning the terms of use of the website for justified reasons and operational requirements without notice to users. By accessing to this website users accept any subsequent amendment to the terms.


12.1. Any dispute arising from the interpretation and/or execution of this contract shall be settled by the competent court of Livorno. In the case of passengers who qualify as consumers under current Italian Law, the competent court shall be the court of residence or domicile, if domiciled or resident in Italy.