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 From June 1th to September 30th, The Concell Insular de Formentera regulates the entry of motor vehicles on the island. See more.
During the restricted period, access, circulation and parking are not allowed to the following vehicles:
- Rental vehicles which have not been rented in Formentera
- Quads
- Caravans and campers
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Livorno Olbia ferry Shipping companies, check-in and fares

One of the most popular routes from mainland Italy to the enchanting island of Sardinia is from Livorno to Olbia. The crossing takes around 9 hours and is ideal if you are travelling to Sardinia with your own vehicle. But even if you are travelling without a car, the Livorno to Olbia ferry is a greener, cheaper and more flexible way to travel. Plus, you get to spend a few days in beautiful Sardinia! At MrFerry we can help you book at the best price and at the ideal time to reach your holiday destination. The ferry companies operating on the Livorno Olbia route are Moby and Grimaldi Lines. Both companies offer two departures a day, morning and evening, all year round, giving passengers the choice of a day or evening trip.
TIP : If you are travelling from Switzerland, Austria or Germany, the Livorno to Olbia ferry is an ideal alternative to the Genoa to Olbia crossing, which takes less time but has a longer crossing time and a higher price. The crossing from Livorno to Golfo Aranci and the connection from the port of Piombino to Olbia (with the shortest crossing time due to the southernmost location of the departure port) are alternatives from Livorno to Olbia.

Check-in and embarkation
For the two ferry companies operating the Livorno to Olbia route, once you have completed your booking, the MrFerry team will provide you with a valid ticket to board the ferry. In order to speed up the embarkation of passengers, the shipping companies require, among other things, that you arrive at the port in advance. The arrival times are as follows: For Moby, you must present your valid ticket at the embarkation point 90 minutes before departure.
For Grimaldi, you must present your valid ticket at the embarkation point 2 hours before departure. Please note that it is not allowed to leave the port after arrival. Embarkation at the port of Livorno is at the following addresses:
Calata Carrara, via G. Donegani, 57100 Livorno LI for Moby and Darsena Toscana Est -Viale Mogadiscio 57123 for Grimaldi Lines.
Please note that the exact GPS data will be shown in the booking summary.

Fares and discounts from Livorno to Olbia
You can get cheaper fares by booking in advance and travelling on the same day. You can also benefit from the following fares:

  • Special rates for people born or living in Sardinia.

  • Special fares for senior citizens (over 60).

  • Special fares for children (age varies according to shipping company).

Only the resident must be ticked at the time of booking, the other special fares are calculated automatically. The MrFerry portal is constantly updated to provide you with the best offers, and all discounts and special offers from the ferry companies are calculated automatically.

Livorno Olbia ferry Services on board

The Livorno Olbia route uses some of the largest vessels available to shipping companies, allowing them to offer a wide range of services during the crossing.

🚗 Vehicles
There are no restrictions on the size of vehicles on the Livorno Olbia ferry, as the route is suitable for the transport of goods and large vehicles. From motorbikes to cars with trailers, simply indicate the size of your vehicle when booking to receive a quote.

Services on board
On board the ferries from Livorno to Olbia, guests have access to air-conditioned lounges with Wi-Fi, children's play areas and spacious outdoor terraces. Some ferries also have a swimming pool. There is also a snack bar, a restaurant and a self-service restaurant with a variety of dishes, including children's meals.

💺 Accommodation
The ferries from Livorno to Olbia offer a wide range of accommodation options: You can choose from different types of cabins, from classic inside or outside cabins to suites. You can also reserve a reclining chair or a more comfortable business chair in the public areas. There is also the alternative of not reserving a cabin and travelling in a deck passage. In this case, seats will be available but will not be reserved for you.

🐾 Pets
Pets are allowed on all Livorno to Olbia ferries. You can choose from several travel options: You can choose a cabin with pet access, which can be booked as an additional option to any type of cabin when booking with Grimaldi Lines. Otherwise, you can keep your pet with you during the crossing or in the hold of the ferry. The animal must travel in a carrier or on a lead and muzzle. During the crossing, the animal may be carried in approved outdoor and indoor areas. It is forbidden to leave the animal in the vehicle during the crossing. You must carry the necessary documents to travel with your pet. Please note the EU regulations for travelling with pets. If in doubt, consult your vet. As the number of places for pets is limited, we recommend that you book your ticket for both you and your pet in advance.

All ferries on this route are equipped to provide maximum comfort for passengers with reduced mobility. This includes access to garages, transport on the ferry and accommodation in specially adapted cabins.

One of the advantages of travelling by ferry with your own vehicle is that there are no restrictions on the amount of luggage you can take on board. Passengers travelling without a vehicle can also take luggage on board. This varies from ferry company to ferry company: Grimaldi allows one piece of luggage per person, Moby does not have a specific limit for luggage on board, the limit is that the passenger can take the luggage on board alone.

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Livorno Olbia ferry Frequently Asked Questions

The crossing from Livorno to Olbia takes around 9 hours and varies depending on the ferry company.

The Livorno to Olbia ferry is the fastest ferry connection from the mainland to Sardinia and it operates all year round. During the summer season it is also possible to travel to Sardinia from the port of Piombino, which is the fastest connection with a crossing time of approximately 5 hours.

The route from Livorno to Olbia is operated by Moby and Grimaldi Lines.

The two ferry companies operating on this route sail twice a day throughout the year, in the morning and in the evening, so that passengers can choose between a day trip and a night trip.

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