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 From June 1th to September 30th, The Concell Insular de Formentera regulates the entry of motor vehicles on the island. See more.
During the restricted period, access, circulation and parking are not allowed to the following vehicles:
- Rental vehicles which have not been rented in Formentera
- Quads
- Caravans and campers
Remember that it is mandatory to access to the formentera.eco page.

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Ferries to Sardinia All the ferry companies on MrFerry!

Sardinia is the second-largest island in the Mediterranean and the third-largest region in Italy, located at a considerable distance from the other ports of the peninsula.

 Sardinia, located in the centre of the western Mediterranean, is one of the most popular seaside destinations in Europe. Known for its scenic beauty, white beaches and crystal clear sea, the island satisfies every type of holiday: relaxing by the sea, cultural, glamorous, wine and food, sports, etc.

🏖️ The island has some of the most beautiful beaches in Italy, with clear waters teeming with fish, fine white sandy beaches and small islands such as the Maddalena Archipelago with its 7 sister islands

The Maddalena Archipelago is located one hour from Gallura, between Sardinia and Corsica, in an area called Bocche di Bonifacio. It is a protected area that includes more than 60 islands that all have one thing in common: the most beautiful sea in Italy, made up of beaches, coves, and inlets with breathtaking views.

 The Emerald Coast is the ultimate destination in Sardinia, chosen by celebrities and movie stars, with an air of exclusiveness and luxury. It is made up of dreamy resorts such as Porto Cervo, characterised by crystal-clear sea, wide expanses of white sand and glamour. Other prime destinations on the Emerald Coast include Cala Volpe and Porto Rotondo.

Sardinia is not only made up of heavenly beaches, but also of history and culture, the most famous of which is the Nuragic culture, famous for the construction of the Nuraghi, ancient conical defence towers. They can still be seen in Sardinia, where there are many archaeological sites that can be visited on a guided tour.

The island is mainly hilly, with the highest mountain being the Gennargentu massif at 1,834 metres.

⚓ The main ports: 

Sardinia is located in the heart of the Mediterranean, and its central position makes it easy to reach by sea, and every year the tourist flow increases more and more; there are six million tourists a year and the number is still growing.

In fact, ferries to Sardinia leave from several ports in the Tyrrhenian Sea, but also from Corsica, Spain, and Sicily.

🚢 The main Italian ports of call in Sardinia are Olbia, Porto Torres, Cagliari, Golfo Aranci and Arbatax, while the ports of departure from the peninsula are: Savona, GenovaLivorno, Piombino, Civitavecchia, Napoli and Palermo.

The ports in Corsica and Spain from which ferries leave for Sardinia are: Ajaccio, Bonifacio, Toulon, Porto Vecchio, Barcelona and Nice

The Port of Cagliari is the main port of Sardinia and the regional capital and is located in the southern part of the island. The port of Cagliari has been used since ancient times, even before the Roman era. The port is ideal for the many travelers to and from Sardinia and operates regularly throughout the year.

The port of Olbia, on the other hand, is fundamental to the Costa Smeralda and is constantly expanding due to the exponential increase in tourist flows over the years. Situated close to the historic centre of Olbia, it is one of the main access points to Sardinia by sea.

The port of Arbatax, located in the eastern part of Sardinia, in the province of Ogliastra, satisfies the needs of passenger and industrial ferries, offering a year-round connection with Civitavecchia.

⚓ The shipping companies: 

🚢 The shipping companies that provide connections to and from Sardinia are:



Grandi Navi Veloci

Sardinia Ferries

Grimaldi Lines

Ichnusa Lines

Ferries operate all year round, linking the Emerald Isle with the rest of Italy, the neighboring archipelagos, Corsica and Spain. This makes Sardinia the ultimate summer holiday destination, attracting more and more tourists every year.

The fastest route to Sardinia is the Piombino Bastia, with a sailing time of only 5 hours, while the longest is the Civitavecchia Cagliari, which takes about 14 hours and 30 minutes.

☀️ What is the best time to visit Sardinia? The summer! You will be able to enjoy the wonderful beaches that have made it world-famous, the breathtaking sunsets, we recommend especially the months of June and September to avoid finding a large flow of tourists.

 If you decide to visit Sardinia, you must try the typical Sardinian cuisine, such as pane carasau, zuppa galluresa, fava bean soup, culurgiones and roasted pig.

Thanks to MrFerry you can quickly make a price comparison between all available departures, comparing all the offers for ferries Sardinia. Fill in the few fields of the search engine and you will be offered all the departures for the requested period, and you will be able to compare all the different accommodation options.

Ferries to Sardinia Connections and travel options

 All companies operate both day and night crossings. If you travel by day, you can admire the landscape and the sea, and the crossing is shorter: it takes between 5 hours and 30 minutes and 6 hours and 30 minutes, depending on the route and the ferry. 

Sardinia does not only mean the largest island, but also the smaller ones, which can also be reached by daytime ferries.

 The night crossing solution allows you to travel without missing a single day of your holiday. The crossing time varies from a minimum of 7 hours to a maximum of 14 hours, again depending on the route chosen and the type of ferry used by the company on the route.

🚗 In any case, all ferries to Sardinia, both day and night, carry both passengers and vehicles. All ferries to Sardinia have large garages for the transport of vehicles, so passengers can select their preferred means of travel! 

Tip: These routes are very popular, so we recommend booking well in advance, especially if you are travelling with a vehicle or want to secure specific accommodation.

🛏️ The different shipping companies offer different types of accommodation and different services on board their ships.  Ferries to Sardinia offer passengers the possibility of travelling in a cabin with private facilities. Passengers can also opt for more economical and practical solutions, such as armchair accommodation (reclining or fixed) or deck passage without booked accommodation.

🐶 If you wish to travel with your pet, there are also cabins with access for pets, equipped with all the necessary facilities for your four-legged friend to travel in complete comfort; all you have to do is request it when you make your booking. The companies also offer the possibility of reserving a place in the on-board kennels, which are always open for owners who wish to visit their pets.

Remember to bring everything you need for your pet to travel with you: leash, muzzle, pet carrier, the ticket on which your pet will travel, and any necessary medical documentation.

🍸 Bars/restaurants, air-conditioned indoor lounges with TVs, shops, Wi-Fi service, children's play areas and outdoor terraces are always available to keep you and your family entertained during your journey. Some ferries to Sardinia also offer swimming pools, discos, spas, gaming rooms and themed parties.

Take the ferry to Sardinia, there are many things to discover!

One of the first stops we recommend is definitely the capital of the region: Cagliari. In this beautiful city you will find many attractions such as the Castello, a district where you can find all the points of interest. 

The Cathedral of Cagliari is one of the most important religious monuments you will find. If, on the other hand, you are looking for historical evidence and artifacts from the Nuragic civilization, we recommend a visit to the National Archaeological Museum.

Close to the city center, you will also find the 7 km long Poretto beach, one of the longest beaches in Italy.

The island of Asinara is another destination not to be missed, it has a very long history dating back to the First World War. There are organized tours to explore it.

There are many beautiful beaches in Sardinia, but you cannot miss Alghero, with its beaches of fine, white sand and deep blue sea. One of the most famous beaches of Alghero is the Spiaggia Rosa (Pink Beach).

The Costa Smeralda is undoubtedly the most popular destination for VIPs, an exclusive area of dream beaches, elite clubs and unlimited luxury. Porto Cervo is the symbol of the Costa Smeralda, there are many beach resorts and tourist facilities. The beach of Cala Volpe is one of the most famous.

The most famous beach in Sardinia is the Spiaggia della Pelosa, famous throughout the Mediterranean, with shallow, crystal clear waters, perfect for children.

Bosa, is a place we recommend for those who like a town atmosphere, with pastel colored houses, long promenades overlooking the streets of the town and many historic churches to visit.

You can also go trekking! There are many paths and trails, such as the one in the Gola Su Gorroppu, which is about 12 km long and runs between the two villages of Orgosolo and Urzulei.

The exception is the ferries from Sardinia to the smaller islands, which do not have cabins.

Regardless of the type of accommodation chosen, all passengers have access to all the ships' common areas and facilities, such as bars, restaurants, TV rooms, games rooms and outdoor decks.

With MrFerry you can easily book your ferry ticket to and from Sardinia in minutes and get ready to plan your next holiday! If you need help, check the FAQ or contact our customer service.

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