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Ferries Paldiski

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 From June 1th to September 30th, The Concell Insular de Formentera regulates the entry of motor vehicles on the island. See more.
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Ferries to PaldiskiPort connections and services

Paldiski is a small port city in northern Estonia, located on the Pakri peninsula in the Baltic Sea and about 50 km from the capital Tallinn.

Due to the strategic location of its harbour, the town has undergone numerous conquests over the years, first by the Swedes and then by the Russians, finally becoming a naval base during the period of the Soviet Union.

Today, the port of Paldiski is an important mercantile port of call in which the Northern Port terminal for passenger transport is located. The DFDS ferry terminal at Paldiski has limited facilities for transit passengers but has toilets and parking facilities. Restaurants, hotel facilities and all other essential services can be found in the city centre.

From Paldiski, you can take a ferry to Sweden, to the port of Kapellskär. The DFDS ferry company operates daily sailings throughout the year, taking about 10 hours to connect the two ports with modern passenger and vehicle vessels.

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Paldiski ferries About Paldiski

Whether you leave on one of the ferries from Paldiski or land in this small town, you will find something to do and visit here.

The town is modern, even though it is marked by the Soviet invasion. In fact, for more than fifty years it was a closed town, dedicated only to military activities, while the resident population was evacuated. In 1994, it was reopened to civilians, and since then the town has begun to develop again, mainly thanks to port activity. Some military facilities have been converted into a wind farm, which meets an important part of the country's energy needs.

Start exploring the city from its waterfront, where you can see the red lighthouse, which, with its 52 metres, is the tallest in Estonia. Continue through the streets of the centre and discover the multicultural history of this place, strolling by the Lutheran Church of St Nicholas and the Orthodox Church of St George.

With the ferries to Paldiski, you can explore the Pakri Peninsula, admiring the spectacular limestone cliffs, pebble beaches and buildings reflecting on the sea. A 15-minute drive from Paldiski is the Treppoja waterfalls, spectacular in winter when the water freezes and creates interesting shapes.

If you decide to spend a few hours relaxing on a beach, Kloogaranna and Lohusalu are just a few kilometres from the town. Kloogaranna is a long sandy beach where you can admire the Baltic Sea, hike or cycle along the paths that run along the sea, or watch the sunset over the sea. Luhusalu is wilder, consisting of both sand and large boulders, and is surrounded by a picturesque pine forest.

How to reach the boardings

Address: Paldiski Northern Port Peetri 11, 76805 Paldiski

GPS coordinates: 59°20.847'N 24°03.467 E

The Port of Paldiski is about a 10-minute walk from the city centre and about an hour's drive from Tallinn Airport. If you need to reach it by public transport, there are train connections between Paldiski and Tallinn Station; there is also a bus service that takes about an hour to reach the port town.

The ferry terminal is open daily from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. and can be reached on foot, by car or by public transport. There is a car park on site. Check-in closes one hour before the departure of the ferries.

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