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Ferries Levanzo

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 From June 1th to September 30th, The Concell Insular de Formentera regulates the entry of motor vehicles on the island. See more.
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- Caravans and campers
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Ferries to LevanzoPort connections and services

The port of Levanzo is located on the smallest island of the Egadi Islands archipelago, white calcary rocks in origin, offers unforgettable landscapes, crystal clear waters and numerous caves to visit. It is carved out of a cove, Cala Dogana and has an unusual elbow shape.

The small port is organized to accommodate hydrofoils carrying passengers and small private boats and fishing boats.

Hydrofoils and ferries to Favignana provide connections to the port of TrapaniMarettimoLevanzo, and Marsala.The shipping companies that provide connections to and from Favignana are Liberty Lines and Siremar. The routes have a higher frequency in the high season months, but are still guaranteed year-round.

Levanzo consists mainly of limestone rocks articulated into caves and has a timeless beauty. Its village consists of a few houses and a harbor. The highest point, Mount Pizzo Monaco, is 270 meters high. Facing Trapani, the island has no passable roads and thus preserves its scenic authenticity.

There are many services on the port; you can find a ferry and hydrofoil ticket office, a bakery, an info point, a diving center, and a bar/restaurant.

The port is surrounded by village houses, it is a very quiet and peaceful town with few services, being the smallest island compared to the others that make up the archipelago. The island of Levanzo does not allow disembarkation and embarkation of vehicles, so you will have to visit the village on foot, but this will not be a problem as it has a few roads all well connected to each other.

Cala Dogana is a pebble beach from which the port of Levanzo was later made, it is a beach suitable for children because of the ease with which you can get there, and it is a real paradise that you will see as soon as you disembark on the island.

Levanzo ferries About Levanzo

The small town of Levanzo is traversed by a single road, which leads in front of the embarkations, the built-up area allows hydrofoil and ferry passengers to Levanzo to take advantage of all the services there.

The tourist area that faces the port area provides ferry passengers with all the services of the tourist area such as, typical local restaurants, snack bars for a quick meal, all characterized by a unique panorama, stores, market, and pharmacies.

 There is a cab boat service on the island. The service operates more during the high season months, so from June to September.  You can also take a tour through the streets of the village, it is small but full of sights and alleys that will make you fall in love with this small island!

Levanzo's most famous tourist attraction is the Grotta del Genovese, it was discovered in 1949 and engravings dating back to the Paleolithic period were found inside, which later proved to be of enormous historical and cultural value.

Levanzo is the island with less trace of man than the other three, it has preserved its wilderness ready to welcome you to its beautiful coves of crystal clear water and pebbles. It is perfect if you are a lover of snorkeling, diving, and scuba diving. You will find a paradise made of crystal clear water and pebbles.

→Useful information:
Levanzo's most beautiful beaches are undoubtedly Cala Dogana, Cala Fredda, Cala Minnola and Cala Faraglione, all of which are unique and will leave you speechless. Some of them are used for processing fresh fish, typical of the Egadi Islands.

Fish dishes are the highlight of the island, as in the rest of the Egadi Islands, fishing is the most practiced activity. You will not be able to miss tasting typical delicacies such as cabbuccio alla levanzara, tuna bottarga or pasta with swordfish.

• A stay in Levanzo is one of relaxation, a quiet village but not excluding the organization of beach parties or apéritifs near the port.

How to reach the boardings

Address: Molo Aliscafi Via Calvario 6 91023 Levanzo

GPS coordinates: latitude 37.986608 longitude 12.341996

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