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Mediterranean ferry booking center


Frequently Asked Questions Answers to the most common questions

Before your trip : popular questions

Yes, it is possible to get a discount on your travel group. Groups can start as low as 10 passengers depending on the ferry companies that run the selected route. Ask for a quotation by sending an email to gruppi@traghettilines.it or by filling in the form in the “Groups and Buses” section on our homepage.
In Italy, children are allowed to travel by themselves from age 14 with a valid identity document and a letter of consent singed by both parents. On the international routes instead, only adults can travel alone. Children can travel with an adult who is 18 years old of age or older, if this adult is not a guardian or parent, they need to bring a letter of consent with them.
Yes, pregnant women can travel during their pregnancy. Generally pregnant women up to 28 weeks can travel without restrictions, when 28 weeks pregnant a doctor certificate is required to confirm you are fit to travel. Please consider that nor every ferry provides a ship’s doctor. We suggest you to consult the ferry company terms and conditions before confirming your reservation.
Most ferries have been adapted to the needs of reduced mobility / disabled passengers. It is always possible to park your car near by the elevator and a wheelchair is always available on board. To benefit from this services you must check-in earlier compared to the standard boarding time. If you need to book a disabled cabin, please contact us at 44 2038680640.
Prices generally increase when the space on board decreases, also during high season (summer time) and holidays prices tend to rise so the earlier you book the cheaper your ferry ticket will be. Visit our website www.misterferry.com to find the best offers!
Ferry fares increase based on demand; prices are not fixed but may vary according to availability and are therefore valid only at the time of the quote. Visit our website www.misterferry.com to check prices in real time.
We strongly advise against it. Usually ferries are fully booked and you won’t find available accommodations on board or garage space for your vehicle. Also buying ticket in person at the last minute will be more expensive than booking in advance: check out prices and availability on www.misterferry.com.
Of course! You can purchase your insurance while booking or add it within 24 hours from your reservation. You can consult the cancellation cover policy before completing your booking.
You can modify/cancel your reservation from your reserved area. Once you had fill up the variation/cancellation form our team will elaborate a quote for your specific reservation, which may generates a refund or an extra charge according to the type of ticket, the ferry company terms and conditions etc.
Every ferry company has drawn up its own terms and conditions that are available in the section “General Information” of our website before submitting your booking request. You will also receive them via email together with your tickets.
Yes, these are rare cases, limited to smaller islands and only to certain periods of the year. Travelers are required to inform themselves in advance about any limitations and expenses such as City taxes and landing fees.
According to the provisions of law every passengers must travel with a valid identity document (ID card or passport). We suggest you to always check in with the competent offices about the documentation required to reach the chosen destination.

Booking: vehicles – accommodations - on board services

The ferry companies systems generally do not allow to book more than one vehicle on the same reservation, consequently you cannot select more than one vehicle on our website as well except for a couple of exceptions; for those the booking system will let you select more than one vehicle. For all the other ferry companies you can email as at customerservice@misterferry.com or call the +44 2038680640 and receive a quote for more the one vehicle.
The camping on board formula is offered by some companies that perform connections to Greece. Their booking systems do not allow the Open Deck reservation, therefore it is not possible to make this booking online. You can request a quote with the camping on board formula by contacting us at+44 203 868 0640. We will do our best to offer you the best rate at the time.
MisterFerry, as an online booking center, cannot get access to any information about personal objects forgotten or lost on the ferry. Passengers must contact the ferry company itself asap and arrange the recovery of the forgotten item.
Every ferry company has equipped its on fleet of services and comforts that allow passengers to entertain themselves during the navigation time, ensuring a pleasant and relaxing experience. To know more about each ferry companies services on board visit the section “Companies”.
Some ferry companies offer the possibility to purchase catering services in advance. The inclusion of meals is possible and the cost varies depending on the company you will travel with. When the company's systems allow it, it will be possibile to add the meals while booking on out website, otherwise contact us at +44 203 868 0640 and we will do our best to help you.
Yes, it is necessary to select an accommodation. Options are: Cabin, air seat or deck accommodation, which allows passengers to sit freely in the ferry public areas and not have an assigned seat. For those route where the deck accommodation is the only one available (short navigation time usually by hydrofoils) the system will automatically select the deck accommodation type often indicated as “standard”.
Yes, it is possible to board the vehicle only. This kind of reservation has to be booked via email and it is served by cargo ships only. Request a quote to costumerservice@misterferry.com.
Cabins are always private. By booking a cabin on our website (double, triple or quadruple) it is always guaranteed the exclusive use of it. In case you wish to book a single bed in a sharing room you must request it by email customerservice@misterferry.com or calling the +44 2038680640.
During the booking process, type the word “RENT” in the license plate space. Once you have access to the license plate number you can require a variation of your booking trough your reserved area to modify it. It is also possible to communicate it directly at the port. In this last case we suggest you to check-in earlier than the scheduled time since this practice might require some time.
Travelers must declare the exact dimension of their vehicle while booking, including the extra length/height produced by any accessories such as bicycles, trailer hitch, roof rack, etc. Entering wrong vehicle dimensions during the booking process might cause extra charges at the port or the impossibility to board for unavailable garage space. Once you enter the brand/model of your car, our system will automatically displays the right dimension for that vehicle, you’ll be able to modify it manually entering the correct dimensions.
Yes, it is possible to book tickets for commercial vehicles such as truck or vans. Our website reports any restriction as maximum length, height, type of transportable goods. If you have any difficulties while booking please do not hesitate to email us at customerservice@misterferry.com.
Not all ferry companies allow to select the LPG option while booking. Anyways, it is enough to declare it at the boarding time so that the vehicle will be parked in the LPG reserved section of the garage. Also it is mandatory to travel with the LPG tank empty and travel with the alternative fuel.
Pets are always welcome on board. Some ferries have friendly pets cabins or kennels you can book. Your pets must show up on your ticket, so do not forget to add it during the booking process. The pet medical book is always required.

Useful Information: The Port – Check-in – Delays

The port address is indicated at the bottom of the booking summary you’ll receive via email once your booking will be confirmed. You will also receive a reminder via text few days before your departure day. The deck it is not specified on your ticket or confirmation email, since this might change anytime. Once you get to the port the staff of the ferry company will indicate you your deck.
Usually, near by every ports there are several parking lots, either secure or free, to allow passengers that travel without vehicles to park close by the boarding area. You’ll find more information about the departure deck you’re interested in on our website or in your reserved area.
The deadline for check-in is always indicated in the General Conditions of Carriage of each ferry company viewable during the booking process and further reported in the booking summary you’ll receive via email once your booking is confirmed. For those in need of assistance during the boarding process ( RMP passengers, disabled people, LPG vehicles etc) we invite you to check-in earlier than the scheduled time.
Getting late to the boarding may cause the loss of the right to board and the ticket will be lost. Passengers will need to buy a new ticket and the old one won’t be refundable. Most ferry companies require to be at the boarding at least 2 hours before your departure time when traveling with your vehicles and 1 hour when traveling on foot. We invite passengers to read the Terms and Conditions of the ferry company their traveling with.
Apart for few exceptions the ticket is valid only for the booked journey. Exceptions are the day tickets for the route Villa S. Giovanni Messina and vice versa, that allow the boarding anytime of the booked day, and the Moby Lines and Toremar tickets to Elba Island that allow to embark on all departures prior the one you booked. In case you wish to postpone or anticipate your departure time you can do so at least few hours before your departure time (this time frame changes according to the ferry company you traveling with). You’ll be able to ask for a variation of your ticket from your reserved area, our team will verify and send you a variation quote as soon as possible.
Refunds can be asked via email from your reserved area. Do not forget to communicate your booking and ticket numbers. Our team will sent you a confirmation email once the refund will be confirmed by the ferry company itself. The refund times depend on the ferry company that usually refunds monthly.
Please write an email as soon as possible to customerservice@misterferry.com, and specify the ticket number and the crossing you are asking the refund for. We will promptly start the refund procedure, so that you will be reimbursed shortly by the ferry company.