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Ferries Samos (Karlovassi) Mykonos

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You can keep your pet in your cabin by choosing the accommodation indicated as "Pet Access". Alternatively, pets can travel in special areas on board


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 From June 1th to September 30th, The Concell Insular de Formentera regulates the entry of motor vehicles on the island. See more.
During the restricted period, access, circulation and parking are not allowed to the following vehicles:
- Rental vehicles which have not been rented in Formentera
- Quads
- Caravans and campers
Remember that it is mandatory to access to the formentera.eco page.

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Ferries Samos (Karlovassi) Mykonos Ferry companies timetables and offers on MrFerry!

Fancy a summer holiday full of fun and close contact with nature? The route from Samos Karlovassi to Mykonos can offer you all this! 

🛳️The route is operated by Blue Star Ferries, check out all the travel options:

  • The route operates all year round.

  • The crossing takes approximately 3 hours and 40 minutes.

  • Departures are very frequent, from 3 to 5 times a week depending on the time of year.

  • Departures are both day and night, check with Mr Ferry!

🔎Here is the tourist information for the 2 islands:

➔  Samos Karlovassi is certainly one of the most popular islands for tourists. Here you can discover all the natural beauty that can give you! The island is located in the Agean Sea, in the Dodecanese archipelago, close to Turkey.

One of the stunning places to visit is the Potami Falls, which can be reached by a trail through the forest, where you can admire the Byzantine castle

The Paleo Karlovasi is another of the most picturesque places to visit, from where you can admire the magnificent view of the old town surrounded by the blue sea.

This island is chosen for its tranquillity and wilderness. We recommend spending your days at the many beaches the island has.

Most of the beaches are pebbled and have a transparent sea. The most famous ones near the village of Karlovasi are Potami Beach and Mikro Seitani Beach, nestled between the turquoise sea and the unspoilt nature of its Mediterranean maquis.

➔ One of the most famous Greek islands is the eclectic Myknos! Here, all you can think about is having fun at night and making the most of your days in this beach paradise, which is equipped to make you feel pampered!

The island is located in the Cyclades archipelago, in the south of the Aegean Sea.
Mykonos Town is the main town, called Chora by the locals. It is a small town with a strong Greek soul and an ideal place to spend your holiday! The streets of the town are criss-crossed with black flagstones that contrast perfectly with the white houses. Flowers are the main protagonists, in fact you will find bougainvillea everywhere!

One of the cultural sites that deserve your attention are the Orthodox churches, visit the enchanting Paraportiani church
The island offers tourists long stretches of beaches, the most famous of which is Agios Giannis, which is easy to reach and where you can practise water sports such as kite surfing. One of the beaches where you can enjoy a delicious aperitif is Pardaise Beach, where you can stay until morning.

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions  and, if you need help with your booking, our customer service team is available every day, all year round!

Ferries Samos (Karlovassi) Mykonos On board services

👉A wide range of services including bars, restaurants, shops and solariums are available on board the Samos Karlovassi Mykonos ferries.

🍴The bars serve breakfast, fresh sandwiches and drinks with tasty appetizers, while the a la carte and self-service restaurants offer both classic and special menus to suit all tastes.

💺The itinerary offers varying accommodations including cabins.

  • You can choose a deck passage, which is the cheapest of the various options, you don't have an assigned seat, but you do have access to different areas of the ship.

  • If you want to reserve a seat, your seats are reclining and numbered. They are located in air-conditioned areas of the ferry. 

  • However, we recommend you book a cabin for your exclusive use if you want more space and privacy. Cabins can be double, triple, inside or outside.

🐾If you are travelling with your pet, you can also take advantage of  pet cabins. These are equipped with all the comforts for your four-legged friend. You will also be able to make a reservation for a kennel.

Don't forget to bring the necessary items to board your pet: lead, muzzle if required, pet carrier and the necessary health papers.

♿Don't worry if you are travelling with a passenger with reduced mobility:

On board you'll find all the facilities you need to meet your needs. For more information, call one of our operators any day of the week.

Don't waste any time - just buy your ticket with a few clicks of the mouse! Please contact our customer service team if you require any assistance during the booking process.

👉Mr Ferry is ready to help you get where you want to go!

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